NoMAD 1.0.3 responds to a number of Apple Events that you can send it from the CLI and other methods.

Current Actions

  • nomad://open – launches the application
  • nomad://signin – opens the sign in dialog if the system is on the domain and a user is not already signed in
  • nomad://user:pass@signin – causes NoMAD to get a Kerberos ticket for that user and password. If the Keychain is set to be used, this password will be stored in the keychain.
  • nomad://update – makes NoMAD update immediately
  • nomad://passwordchange – will show the change password window

If you have 1.0.3 or later installed, clicking on any of the above links will cause NoMAD to react. You can also use this from scripts via the “open” command.

open nomad://signin

In a shell script will cause NoMAD to launch, if it isn’t already and then show the sign in window if AD is reachable. This is a pretty handy thing to use at the end of your enrollment workflow to get the user’s password starting to sync.