NoMAD Pro 1.2

We’re excited to announce the biggest update to NoMAD Pro since it was released!

NoMAD Pro 1.2 is primarily new features and a few bug fixes. If you’re currently running version 1.1, there is no immediate need to update.

New Features

  • Ability to set a logo for the Sign In window.
  • Change Password menu item that will either change the password via Kerberos, if configured, take the user to their Okta dashboard page, or change it via another method of your choosing. When changing via Kerberos the user’s AD password complexity requirements will be pulled live from AD.
  • Support for Yubikey OTP as an MFA type.
  • LastSignIn time written out to the preferences noting the last successful Okta sign in.
  • Actions menu to allow you to extend the menu to any and all actions you want.
  • New URI action – nomadpro://gettickets will have NoMAD Pro silently go through the Kerberos ticket retrieval process.

Bug Fixes

  • Better handing of Kerberos tickets.
  • Reworked the certificate retrieval process to be more dependable.


You can get the last licensed version here. And the latest trial version here.