Meet @Mactroll

Joel Rennich, Founder, NoMAD

This is Joel Rennich, founder of NoMAD.

You may know him as the boisterous blonde guy at Mac conferences who worked at Apple for 11 years and started decades ago.

At Orchard & Grove, we know him as the brain (and the boss), who generates huge, brilliant thoughts about Macs in the enterprise — but has trouble finding his sunglasses.

Like Carrie, the NoMAD caribou mascot, Joel is fairly nomadic. He’s lived in Switzerland, Illinois, D.C., California, and Texas (so far). His work keeps him traveling a lot. In fact, he just earned the 2 million lifetime miles swag from American Airlines. He’s spent most of his adult life on the road talking to companies and organizations about how they can make Mac products work best in their environments. He’s extremely passionate about his work, and NoMAD is his second baby (but don’t tell his son that).

Leaving Apple wasn’t an easy choice, but in his new career he’s never far from the “AppleVerse.”

“I enjoy the freedom to explore the projects I really want to do — and the significant decrease in conference calls,” he says. “But what I didn’t realize when I started Orchard & Grove is that the engineering is the easy part of the job. The amount of overhead and paperwork that is required in order to run a small company is annoyingly difficult.”

Which is why he has hired a small team of experts who have his back. We’ll highlight a team member each month, so you can get to know us better. Because to know us is to love us, right?