Combining the best features of NoMAD with Okta!

If you’re looking to migrate away from AD for your end points, or you already have, and you’ve chosen Okta to be your cloud identity solution, NoMAD Pro can help.

NoMAD Pro can ensure that your user’s Okta passwords are synchronized down to their local accounts on the Mac. With plugins for Safari, Chrome and Firefox you are able to catch every time a user signs in to Okta and make sure the accounts are synchronized.

Multi-factor authentication, like Okta Push and Duo, are fully supported. In addition, NoMAD Pro offers a number of helpful admin functions like making it easy to report on what Okta accounts are being used on the Mac and having script triggers when users sign in.

NoMAD Pro is licensed software. Each purchased license receives free basic e-mail support with a two-day SLA. Please contact our sales team to purchase licenses.

In addition an Enterprise support package is also available.

With the NoMAD Pro Support Plan, you’ll receive:

  • 24×5 e-mail support
  • Response within 3 hours
  • Custom onboarding
  • Ability to Brand the software to your organization
  • Super Swag

NoMAD Pro allows your users to sign in to their Okta account and then synchronize the password to the local Mac. In addition:

  • Password changes – When the user is within the warning period, the user will be prompted to change their password. Changing the password in NoMAD Pro will also synchronize the new password to the local Mac if that setting is enabled.
  • Password Complexity – When changing password, the complexity policy is pulled directly from Okta and the user can not change his or her password until that complexity is met.
  • Multifactor – NoMAD Pro can use all of the multifactor options available through Okta including Okta Push and Duo.
  • Get Software and Get Help – Just like NoMAD, admins can specify applications, URLs or scripts to be triggered to help the user get software via self-service solutions and to initiate a help desk request.
  • Script triggers – NoMAD Pro can trigger a script to be run on successful Okta sign in.
  • Okta user name – NoMAD Pro writes out the Okta username to the NoMAD Pro preference file on sign in. This makes it easy to programmatically determine what Okta account a user is using.
  • Kerberos tickets – NoMAD Pro can attempt to get Kerberos tickets for a user as a side-effect of signing in to Okta.
  • Configurable – All menu items can be hidden or be renamed.
  • Deployable – NoMAD Pro is able to be installed by just copying it onto a drive or through a package installer. In addition, all NoMAD Pro settings can be manged via a configuration profile through MDM.
  • Browsers – NoMAD Pro has extensions for Safari, Chrome and Firefox allowing it to interact with Okta whenever the user goes to a page requiring authentication.

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