Combining the best features of NoMAD with Okta!

If you’re looking to migrate away from AD for your end points, or you already have, and you’ve chosen Okta to be your cloud identity solution, NoMAD Pro can help.

NoMAD Pro can ensure that your user’s Okta passwords are synchronized down to their local accounts on the Mac. With plugins for Safari, Chrome and Firefox you are able to catch every time a user signs in to Okta and make sure the accounts are synchronized.

Multi-factor authentication, like Okta Push and Duo, are fully supported. In addition, NoMAD Pro offers a number of helpful admin functions like making it easy to report on what Okta accounts are being used on the Mac and having script triggers when users sign in.

NoMAD Pro is consumer software. Each purchased license receives free basic e-mail support. We have discount pricing for companies that have 500+ Macs in their environment. Please contact our sales team to purchase licenses for discount.

With the NoMAD Pro Support Plan, you’ll receive:

  • 24×5 e-mail support
  • Response within 3 hours
  • Custom onboarding
  • Ability to Brand the software to your organization
  • Super Swag

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