Does NoMAD require a Mac to be unbound from AD?

No, it doesn’t. NoMAD will work in a very similar way whether you are bound to AD or not. Although we believe being unbound is simpler, we fully realize that there a number of valid reasons why you might still want to bind a Mac to AD.

Can NoMAD update the user’s password?

Yes, NoMAD can. It won’t by default, but you can set a preference key to allow this to happen. Keep in mind that NoMAD can only sync from AD to the local system, and not the other way around.

Is NoMAD free?

NoMAD is an MIT-licensed open source project, and you are free to not only download the application and use it, but to also use the source. If you like the software and need support, please look at our support page where you’ll find a variety of support plans available.

Can NoMAD be customized?

Yes! Almost every function of NoMAD can be customized for you environment. Please see our knowledge base article on all of the preferences and what they do.