“Change Password” Options

By default, the “Change Password” menu will present the user with a dialog box to change their password via Kerberos. However, that doesn’t have to be the case; since many organizations use third-party tools or web-based solutions to keep track of password changes instead of just Active Directory, NoMAD allows for a variety of options:

  • ChangePasswordType determines the type of action. Currently, Kerberos, URL, App, and Task are supported. Kerberos will change the password in the standard way. This is the default action if nothing is specified in the preferences. URL will open the specified URL in the user’s default browser, and App will launch whatever path you have specified. Both of these options are essentially issuing an open command followed by either the URL or path. Task is a bit more complicated; it will run whatever CLI command or script you want. This makes it very easy to launch scripts that manage a more complicated password change process..
  • GetHelpOptions determines the payload for GetHelpType. For URL, simply put in an http:// or https:// url. For App, put in the full path for an app or other executable you want to launch. For Task, put in the CLI task that you would like to execute. Keep in mind that there are no options for the Kerberos setting.