Welcome Window

Starting with NoMAD v. 1.1, there is a now a default Welcome window shown to first-time users of NoMAD. The window is primarily HTML and as such can be easily configured to better match your environment.

Configuring the Window

The default html files can be found inside the bundle. In the Resources folder you’ll find a WelcomeSplash.html file. Changing this file will break the application signing and render NoMAD unusable. However, you can specify a local path to this file with the
MenuWelcome preference key. This preference is a String that points to the folder enclosing an index.html page that you’d like to use.

Additionally you can prevent the window from showing by setting the DontShowWelcome key. This is a boolean value.

Also note that this window will not be shown on macOS 10.10 due to WebKit requirements.

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