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NoMAD 1.1.4 Summary Overall, a mix of small tweaks, some bug fixes in particular to automatic cert generation and keychain item handling. If you’re using NoMAD to pull certs, this would be a good update to do, otherwise most of the other changes are more minor. Impact Most of the changes are non-UI

This is Joel Rennich, founder of NoMAD. You may know him as the boisterous blonde guy at Mac conferences who worked at Apple for 11 years and started decades ago. At Orchard & Grove, we know him as the brain (and the boss), who generates huge, brilliant thoughts about Macs in the ente

This started off as a smaller update, then got bigger… Some cool new features, a few bug fixes, and then a big new feature that we know will evolve some over time. In addition, NoMAD is now all in Swift 4 and all the warnings in Xcode are gone. You can thank Josh for that work. Bug Fixes Fewer

This is a minor update to NoMAD mainly to correct some issues with certificate retrieval. Updates in this release: fix for pulling certs too often when GetCertAutomatically is set fix for LDAPServerList not working remove build numbers from UI since builds are now in version number If you are not us

NoMAD 1.1.1 is a minor updated incorporate a few new features and some bug fixes. Norwegian and Croatian localizations have been added. NoMAD now supports sites with no DCs listed better. NoMAD will fall back on the globally available DCs. Better support for < 10.12 systems with the Welcome Scree

We’re excited to announce that NoMAD 1.1 is available! Here’s an overview of what’s changed. Shares Menu – this is our biggest new feature since the initial launch of NoMAD almost a year ago. The Shares Menu allows you to provide a number of file shares for your users and mou

Note: this has been updated as of NoMAD 1.1 build 734 beta to reflect the new dictionary of items. What are Keychain Updates? New in the NoMAD 1.1 Beta is the ability to update keychain items when a user changes their password. Currently this is listed as a dictionary of keychain item names and acco

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